Where can I buy (or sell) 8-track tapes, players, and accessories?

8-Track Heaven Classifieds  Here you can browse the ads or place one of your own: free!
8-track Selllers
A listing of 8-track dealers both on and off the web
8-track Collectors A listing of individuals with 8-tracks for buy, sell or trade on the web
www.ebay.com The internet auction site has many tapes and players for sale
And the usual places:
  • thrift stores
  • flea markets
  • yard sales (also known as tag sales and garage sales)
  • antique stores
  • record stores that still carry 8-tracks (yes, there are a few still out there!)
  • classified ads (especially your local "Thrifty Nickel" type paper)
  • estate sales
  • auctions
  • collectors' magazines like GOLDMINE and DISCOVERIES

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