"Sinatra Jobim"
Frank Sinatra with Antonio Carlos Jobim
Reprise/W7 1028

Thanks to Michael Arlt, PETSOUNDS@prodigy.net, who submitted this winning entry to the Hall of Fame.

UPDATE! One of these sold for $4500 on eBay in June 2006

There is a lot of mystery and lore surrounding this mythological cart, but the story goes like this: All that was ever produced by this collaboration between Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim was a vinyl test pressing and 3,500 8-Tracks. After this Sinatra/Jobim collaboration was cancelled (for reasons unknown to me), a memo was issued by Warner ordering the destruction of all but three copies of the 3,500 8-track tapes that had been manufactured of this release. Warner sent this memo to all the retailers and distributors for all the unsold copies, and they even went so far as attempting to get back all the SOLD copies as well, by issuing a recall! Whether or not their efforts were successful are to this day unknown, but there are fewer than 5 copies of the tape known to exist.   

7 out of the 10 songs wound up on "Sinatra and Company." The 8-track tape is the only commercial form that "Sinatra Jobim" is known to exist in, as it never got past the test pressing stage on vinyl. The estimated collectors' value is $5,000.00 according to some pricing guides.

SINATRA JOBIM officially enters the 8-track Heaven Hall Fame on January 31, 1999.