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Component Decks

This type of 8-track machine is for the serious tracker: players that connect to your existing stereo (or quad) system. These can either be playback-only or recorders. Recording your own tapes is one of the true joys of the 8-track experience, and the best quality is usually obtained with a component recorder.

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RCA Model VYC 950W  
Five Cartridge Changer

This is a very cool AM/FM five cartridge 8-Track changer owned by Robert Dilgard <dilgardr@earthlink.net>. As Bob says, " It sometimes even works!"  The five 8-Tracks fit inside a larger cartridge and are inserted as a group, much like a multi-CD cartridge unit. It has a button for changing cartridges and another for changing tracks.

RCA Five Cart Changer

Dokorder Model MC-70A
4-Channel Cartridge Tape Player

This is both a stand-alone quad deck AND a self-contained system: you can connect four speakers directly to the player or run it through an existing 4-channel system. Cool, eh? The MC-70A "...puts you right back at the front and center of the concert hall, giving you all the excitement and delicate nuances of the original performance. You'll be literally enveloped in the vibrant sound..."* But the best feature has to be the 4-Channel Remote Control Unit, a joystick controller that allows you to adjust the relative balance of the four speakers from your seat. Surf that quad wave, baby!

Dokoder Quad Deck

Wollensak Model 8075
Dolby Stereo 8-Track Recorder

Certainly one of the best 8-track machines ever made, the Wollensak was a serious competitor to records and reel-to-reel recorders for audio reproduction. It employed many new technologies of the day: Dolby noise reduction, tape record equalization (for high-end ferric oxide tapes), and Dolby FM decoding. Dolby-encoded FM radio broadcasting was a short-lived experiment by the radio industry, but the Wollensak was ready!

For a total rundown on all the Wollensak decks produced from 1971-75, from the 8050 to the 8080,  click here

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thanks to David (Legion@voicenet.com)for the image

Telex Model 48D
12 Cartridge Changer

The highly desired Telex 8-track changer is a marvel of cartridge technology. You can program music four different ways -- load 12 cartridges, play them in sequence, random selection, by "Program" of each tape, or repeat. Good for up to 16 hours of continuous music! Available either as a powered model with optional speakers (Model 48H), or as a stand-alone component to be connected to an existing system (Model 48D). Prone to mechanical problems, but fun to watch!

Telex Changer 
(image courtesy Larry Blumenfeld )

*from the owner's manual


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