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Nazareth 1982 +2XS   Aaron Bicchieri
Nelson, Willie 1982 +Always on My Mind Dave Urbanic
" 1983 Without a Song  Paul Evans
 " 1984 Collectors Series   Dave Urbanic
 " 1984 City Of  New Orleans Randall Gelser
 " 1985 Me & Paul     Dave Urbanic
 " 1986 The Promiseland   Paul Evans
" 1986 Partners   Paul Evans
Nena 1984 99 Luftballoons  Tom Lukashow
Newton-John Olivia 1984 Soul Kiss  Tom Lukashow
Nicks, Stevie 1983 The Wild Heart   Tom Lukashow
Night Ranger 1983 Midnight Madness   Aaron Bicchieri
" 1985 7 Wishes   Robert Moody
" 1985 Rock a Little   Joe Naya
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 1985 The Best Of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Twenty Years Of Dirt  Tom Lukashow
Oak Ridge Boys 1983 Deliver Andy Schnabel
 " 1983 American Male    
 " 1984 Greatest Hits 2   Dave Urbanic
 " 1986 Seasons   Robert A. Bartz
Ocean, Billy 1986 Love Zone Mike Hanna
 " 1988 Tear Down the Walls Bgas
Osmond, Marie 1987 I Only Wanted You   Dave Maugans
Orbison, Roy 1987 IN DREAMS: THE GREATEST HITS  Tom Lukashow
Parker Jr., Ray 1984 Chartbusters  Mike Hanna; scan by Ron O [tobor_the_8_man]
Parsons Project, The Alan 1982 +Eye in the Sky Dan Gibson
  " 1983 Best of  Scott Holder
  " 1984 Ammonia Avenue Scott Holder
  " 1985 Vulture Culture   Scott Holder
Parton, Dolly / Linda Rondstadt / Emmylou Harris 1987 Trio    Tom Lukashow
Perry, Steve   Street Talk  
Petty, Tom 1985 Southern Accents Joe Naya
Plant, Robert 1983 The Principle Of Moments  Robert A. Bartz
 " 1985 Shaken and Stirred Robert A. Bartz
Police, The 1983 Synchronicity   Robert A. Bartz
 " 1986 Every Breath You Take: The Singles   

Griffin Allen (pic by Robert A. Bartz)

(pic #2 by Andy Schnabel)

Power Station 1985 ST  
Presley, Elvis    Reconsider Baby Michael Arlt
  "   Top Ten Hits (the world's only digitally remastered 8-track) Michael Arlt
  " 1986 The Memphis Record Michael Arlt
  " 1985 Always On My Mind Michael Arlt
  " 1985 Valentine Gift For You Michael Arlt
Pretenders 1984 Learning to Crawl Robert Moody
Prince 1983 1999 Paul Evans
  " 1984 Purple Rain  Paul Evans
  " 1985 Around the World in a Day  Paul Evans
  " 1986 Parade Michael Arlt
  " 1987 Sign o' the Times Paul Evans
Quarterflash 1983 Take Another Picture  
Quiet Riot 1983 Metal Health Joe Naya
Robert A. Bartz (scan)
" 1984 Condition Critical Paul Evans
" 1986 QR III Paul Evans
Rabbit, Eddie 1983 Greatest Hits Vol II.    Dave Urbanic
" 1984 The Best Year of my Life   Tom Lukashow
Rainbow 1983 Bent out of Shape    Robert A. Bartz
R.E.O. Speedwagon 1982 +Good Trouble  
 " 1984 Wheels Are Turnin'  
" 1987 Live as We Know I Nathan Kling
Richie, Lionel 1982 +s/t   Joe Naya
" 1983 Can't Slow Down  Dave Urbanic
Robbins, Marty 1983 His Greatest Hits & Finest Performances
Readers Digest
Garr Norick
Rogers, Kenny 1982 +Love Will Turn You Around   Dave Urbanic
  " 1983 Eyes that See in the Dark Tom Lukashow
(pic by Lee Meadows)
  " 1983 We've Got Tonight  Joe Naya
  " 1983 20 Greatest Hits   Tom Lukashow
  " 1984 Duets   Tom Lukashow
  " 1984 What About Me?   Dave Urbanic
  " 1985 Short Stories Joe Naya
  " 1985 The Heart of the Matter Joe Naya
  " 1987 I Prefer the Moonlight Robert A. Bartz
Rolling Stones 1986 Dirty Work  
Ronstadt, Linda 1983 What's New Joe Naya
  " 1984 Lush Life Joe Naya
  " 1986 For Sentimental Reasons   Bgas
Ross, Diana 1984 Swept Away Joe Naya
Roth, David Lee 1986 Eat 'em And Smile 
 1. "Heat Of The Moment" - the guitar solo is CUT in the song, and  does NOT appear to be the same as the single version of the song.  2. "Sole Survivor" - the last verse is REPEATED and the song has a shorter ending part than the original LP version.  - Robert A. Bartz
Perry Amberson
Rush 1984 Grace Under Pressure  Robert A. Bartz
Sade 1985 Promise Robert Moody
Scaggs, Ricky 1983 Don't Cheat in Our Hometown by Ricky Skaggs Dave Maugans
Scandal, Featuring Patty Smyth 1984 The Warrior Andrew Reta; scan by Ron O [tobor_the_8_man]
Schneider, John 1986 A Memory Like You    Dave Maugans
Scorpions  1984 Love at First Sting  Robert Cikovic
  1985  Worldwide "Live"  Robert Cikovic
Shaw, Tommy 1984 Girls with Guns Dan Gibson
Shea, George Beverly 1984 PRECIOUS MEMORIES. 2 Tape Set (RCA) Tom Lukashow
Simon & Garfunkel 1982 +The Concert In Central Park Ron O [tobor_the_8_man]
Simon, Carly 1987 Coming Around Again Bgas
Sinatra, Frank 1984 L.A. is my Lady   Joe Naya
Spandau Ballet 1983 True  (pic #2) new! Ron O [tobor_the_8_man]
(pic #2 by Andy Schnabel
Springfield, Rick 1982 Success Hasn't Spoiled me Yet    Dave Urbanic
  1984 Hard to Hold Ron O [tobor_the_8_man]
" 1985 Tao Robert Cikovic
Springsteen, Bruce  1984 Born in the USA Robert Cikovic
" 1985 Springsteen & the E Street Band 1975-85 Robert Cikovic
(pic by Andy Schnabel)
Squier, Billy 1987 Tunnel of Love Robert Cikovic
" 1982 +Emotions in Motion  
" 1984 Signs of Life  Robert Moody
Squeeze 1987 Music from the Edge of Heaven Nathan Kling
Starship 1985 Knee Deep in the Hoopla Ron O [tobor_the_8_man]
Statler Brothers 1984 Atlanta Blue  
  1985 Greatest Hits  (Readers' Digest cart) Dave Maugans
Sting 1985 Dream of the Blue Turtles Dan Gibson; scan by Ron O [tobor_the_8_man]
Straight, George 1986 # 7 Tom Lukashow
" 1983 Right or Wrong   Tom Lukashow
" 1985 Greatest Hits   Tom Lukashow
" 1987 Ocean Front Property Aaron Bicchieri
" 1988 If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin'   Aaron Bicchieri
Stray Cats 1982 +Built for Speed Dan Gibson
" 1983 Rant and Rave with the Stray Cats   Joe Naya
Streisand, Barbra 1985 Broadway Album, The Dave Maugans
Stryper 1986 To Hell With the Devil Robert Moody
Styx 1983 Killroy was Here Ron O [tobor_the_8_man]
 " 1984 Caught Live in the Act Dave Urbanic
Summer, Donna 1982 +s/t Joe Naya
  " 1984 Cats without Claws Dan Gibson
Supertramp 1982 Famous Last Words  
Survivor 1982 +Eye of the Tiger Robert Moody
Sylvia  1984 Surprise Robert A. Bartz
(scan by David Maugans)
Talking Heads 1983 Speaking in Tongues Joe Naya
(pic by Andy Schnabel new!)
  " 1984 Stop Making Sense Robert Moody
Taylor, James 1988 Never Die Young  Robert A. Bartz
.38 Special 1982 +Special Forces Ron O [tobor_the_8_man]
Thompson Twins 1984 Into the Gap Ron O [tobor_the_8_man]
Thorogood, George & the Destroyers 1985 Maverick Robert Moody
  " 1986 Live Robert Moody
Tony Tenille 1984 More Than You Know Robert A. Bartz
Thin Lizzy 1983 Life Live Paul Evans
Thompson Twins 1984 Into the Gap  Dan Gibson
Toto 1986 Fahrenheit Robert Moody
Travis, Randy 1986 Storms of Life  Tim Jones
 " 1988 Old 8" x 10" Tim Jones
Tubes, The  1983  Outside Inside  
Turner, Tina 1986 Break Every Rule  Dave Urbanic
 " 1988 Tina Live in Europe   Dave Urbanic
T.V.'s Greatest Hits     Peter du Pratt
Tyler, Bonnie 1983 Faster than the Speed of Night Robert Bartz
 " 1986 Secret Dreams & Forbidden Fire (submitted by Robery Moody)  
U-2 1984 Unforgettable Fire Griffin Allen
" 1985  Wide Awake in America  Griffin Allen
" 1987 Joshua Tree Griffin Allen
" 1988 Rattle and Hum  Griffin Allen
Van Halen 1984 1984   Robert Bartz (Scan)
" 1986 5150  
Various Artists 1986  50 of the Most Famous Records Ever Made   Tom Lukashow
Various Artists 1986 50 Christmas Favorites, Vol 1, 2 and 3  Dave Maugans
Various Artists 1983 K-Tel Hot Tracks (not an RCO! But I put it on the list anyway) Robert Bartz
Various Artists 1986 These Were Our Songs: The Early 40's (Reader's Digest)  Dave Maugans
Ventura, Johnny 1983 Super Hits   Joe Naya
Warwick, Dionne 1985 Friends Robert Moody
  " 1985 Finder of Lost Lives Robert Moody
  " 1987 Reservations for Two Nathan Kling
Welk, Lawrence 1986 Come Dance with Me Dave Maugans
Wham! 1983 Fantastic Robert Moody
  1984 Make it Big Ron O [tobor_the_8_man]
Who, The 1982 +It's Hard  Joe Naya
(Pic by Ron O, aka [tobor_the_8_man])
Williams, Jr., Hank 1983 Man of Steel
Both the RCA and CRC carts are pictured
Tim Jones
  1984 Major Moves    Dave Urbanic
Williams, John 1983 Star Wars Triology - from the original motion picture scores Bgas
Willis, Bruce 1987 The Return of Bruno Griffin Allen
Robert A. Bartz (scan)
Winwood, Steve 1988 Roll With It  
  " 1986 Chronicles    Bgas
Wolf, Peter 1984 Lights Out Dave Urbanic
Wonder, Stevie 1982 +Original Musiquarium 1   Joe Naya
1985 In Square Circle   Joe Naya
Yoakam, Dwight 1987 Hillbilly Deluxe Aaron Bicchieri
  1988 Buenos Noches from a Lonely Room Aaron Bicchieri
Young, Neil 1983 Everybody's Rockin'   Paul Evans
 " 1983 Trans Tim Rabbitt
 " 1985 Old Ways Tim Rabbitt
Young, Paul 1986 Between Two Fires Robert Moody
Yes 1983 90125   Tom Lukashow
ZZ Top 1983 Eliminator Tom Lukashow
" 1985 Afterburner Paul Evans
Aaron Bicchieri (scan)
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